Olympia SF Ultraportable

Beige and heavy duty, this portable QWERTY machine is fun to type on without occupying a ton of space. New bumpers under the body. No lid, but overall in great shape.

Heavyweight Ultraportable

I have weighed it side by side with other portables and this SF is no more of a chonker than any of the other ultraportables; the Aristocrat and the Tippa are both roughly the same weight, however there is something that feels heavy about this machine. Perhaps it has to do with the stamped shell, or perhaps there is something else going on, but it feels solid.

There’s not much to say about this particular one, it is a Pica machine with a QWERTY layout. Until last year this one had been relegated to a basement, but after a little dusting and tuning it’s ready to go. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line it has lost the case.