Recent Posts & Wet Ink

New Shoes for the Champion
January 12th

Fitting new feet can improve the feeling on the desk and keep things from sliding around. Feet with these push-through flanges can be a little headache though.

A Sticky Shift
January 6th

This Quiet De Luxe had a sticky shift, but it wasn't the usual culprit as it was clean as a whistle. A little tuning in a few key parts got this one typing smooth and fast again.

New Video Resources

Some things are difficult to explain in text or images and just benefit from having footage. For these topics there will now be videos.

Complex features and troubleshooting steps can seem a bit vague when there are large blocks of text. Instead of getting verbose, some of these will just wind up being videos. As an example, this video on the magic margins of the Royal Quiet De Luxe:

For ease of hosting these videos will be on the Youtube channel over at which you can find in the footer of the site.

Erika 90
December 11th

A rare right-to-left variation on the already-uncommon Erika model 9, this post war machine is among the last of the glass keyed machines, likely produced in the mid to late 50’s. With a Farsi / Pe...

Replacing Ribbons
December 7th

Replacing a ribbon is a fast and easy way to revive an old typewriter. Much the way that a printer can struggle through an old ink cartridge, perhaps your typewriter can just barely put some faded le...

Hermes 3000 Carriage Release
November 4th

This machine arrived with a non-functional carriage release, but by the power of fabrication it has regained the functionality and put this one back on the short list for favorite machines.

Site Improvements and New Content

Keeping up with the times and trying to streamline things. This new format should be a little less busy.

Over the last few weeks there have been a couple minor changes that should make it easier to link to different places around the site, including a new footer. One of the next major features will be an index of machines, which should make it easier to get an overview of the collection over time at a glance.

Lately I've been spending a little more time working on machines, so the next few posts are likely to still be small repair things rather than big reviews or machine overviews.

A Platen Soft as Gold
October 27th

This is just some of the steps to reinstall a newly resurfaced platen into this very classy 1930 machine. The steps on these are easier than most, but that just means this will be straightforward.

Torpedo 18b Blue Bird
September 5th

Living up to the rumors, this one is a smooth typer and sporting a unique set of keys. This is one that you can really count on!

Corona 4 Fixes
July 14th

Unexpected repairs, but well worth the while. This one started out looking great, but an issue with the rack seemed like it was going to be a lot more effort than originally expected. In the end, it all worked out