Rough Drafts

An homage to the machines in the collection, past and present

It's probably past due for me to actually start documenting some of my machines. I've sold or passed on quite a few machines now and it's difficult to keep their details straight. Even worse is wanting to describe or share it with someone and finding that I can't recall quite how it felt or find the pictures of them. In practice, this project is one large scrapbook so I don't need to sift so hard to find resources on machines, past and present.


So far, it seems like the major idea will be to break it up into sections; repairs, reviews, tidbits of history. Rather than large, comprehensive, and monolithic resources, this will just be a wandering tour through some of the things I've worked on.

Presently, everything is pretty static, but hopefully I'll be able to make this a bit more dynamic in the future so that the archives are easier to peruse. Subscribe in the top right if you want to get updates on that progress.